Wholesale Myths for FBA Seller

Wholesale Myths for FBA Seller

August 24, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

Being a wholesale seller with Amazon FBA can help you get a significant amount of profit. Even though it will sound intimidating, a lot of people live under the myth which is far away from reality. The cloud of myth has prevented people from seeing the actual thing which leads to problems. 

If you want to begin as an Amazon FBA seller, you should know that there are certain benefits too. There are different myths about selling with Amazon FBA. Hence, to mention a few of them include

You need a warehouse before beginning with wholesale

Once you become a partner with Amazon FBA, you will have a lot of people telling you that you will need a warehouse before beginning the wholesale journey. No doubt, a warehouse, lift gate and pallet jack is important but it does not play any significant role with Amazon. 

There have been various startups who worked with Amazon FBA without any warehouse. While working with the companies, you would get to make purchases without even your own warehouse. The freight company would ensure to deliver the product at your place without any necessary use of either a pallet jack or liftgate. These freight company would also provide a proper guide to importing to USA

Wholesale sourcing will require you to have a lot of capital

As you are working with Amazon FBA wholesale companies, you don’t need to have big capital. Although most people are under the impression that the companies do not sell minimum orders and reorder, they certainly do. The big figures such as thousand products and more are nothing but assumptions which needs to be cleared relatively. 

Although a few companies will require you to have big investments, not all of them are going to ask the same from you. Hence for a few hundred dollars you will be able to make big money. reorder in touch with companies that allow you to make smaller purchases can be of great help. However, you will just need to research a bit. 

I will always get the lower rates

As per the general trend, the wholesale companies would often sell you the products at half the usual liftgate. If you are purchasing keystone rates, you are going to get a significant amount of discount. Moreover, this makes enough room to get higher rates of profit as well. 

Just because you receive products for less price does not mean that you would always get it for lesser price. It isn’t only the wholesalersbut there are other ways too to make lower rate purchases such as purchasing during holidays sale or discount offers.