Is Driver Negligence a Common Cause for Truck Accidents in Rio Rancho?

Is Driver Negligence a Common Cause for Truck Accidents in Rio Rancho?

November 25, 2021 Off By David Dom

Truck accidents are on the rise due to driver negligence. Lack of enforcement of proper rules and regulations by state regulators is putting everyone at risk, not just truckers themselves. One example of this is that truckers are allowed to drive for 14 hours per day, with only 8 hours of that time being spent driving. They are also allowed to use their mobile device while driving, which often causes distracted driving. 

Many factors contribute to these accidents, including police brutality and even poor design on the roads themselves. However, the main factor contributing to these accidents is driver negligence. Modern-day vehicles have been equipped with safety mechanisms to help prevent accidents from happening, but many drivers still disregard these features. In fact, distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents that involve trucks. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that close to 2/3 of all truck accidents are a result of driver negligence. This includes ignoring lights and signals, speeding, and failing to secure cargo properly. Therefore, if you ever get involved in a truck accident in Rio Rancho, you better consult with a Rio Rancho truck accident lawyer the soonest to protect your rights.

Let us see how an accident lawyer can help you at the onset of a truck accident.

  1. Professional investigation

In a truck accident, lawyers may find it necessary to conduct a professional investigation. Such an investigation would include interviewing the driver of the truck, the occupants of the passenger vehicle, and any other witnesses who may have seen the accident. Lawyers could also use their own expertise in such matters to help determine what happened in such cases.

  1. Connects with medical providers

The medical providers are called to the scene of an accident to assess any injury or damage sustained by the individual. Most individuals themselves are not always aware of all the essential information they should disclose to their attorney. Hence, it is crucial for attorneys to develop relationships with medical providers to gather this essential evidence.

  1. Completes legal procedures

When a truck accident occurs, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. Truck accidents often result in injury and may involve personal injury lawsuits. After being in a truck accident, you might wonder what legal procedures are necessary to complete. Lawyers have experience dealing with these cases, which makes them the best option for moving forward.