All About Logistic Management You Should Know

All About Logistic Management You Should Know

August 26, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

The logistics basically refers to the process of moving and coordinating resources like food, liquids, equipment and inventory as well as people and materials from one place to the other location particularly to the storage. Originally, the word logistics were used for military purposes which was used to describe how the military force obtained or moved or stored the supplies and equipment from one military base or camp to other bases or camps. The logistics in a business and commercial sense refers to supply chain management system and describes the processes of logistic or goods transported from one location to the destination including storing or warehouses management, time management, packaging, labelling, handling of materials and services, and information flow. Contact Fortuna Transport to avail the best logistics services for your transportation.

There are different categories of logistics namely the third-party logistics or popularly said the 3PL, fourth-party logistics or 4PL, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, reverse logistics, green logistics, construction logistics, digital logistics and military logistics. 

 Logistics management refers to the effective and efficient management of day-to-day activities in relation to various services and production of materials. This type of logistics management is also called supply chain management which includes proper planning, correct implementation, and regulation or controlling mechanism. This also includes forward and reverse flow of storage of goods including transportation of goods from the origin to the processing units and from the industry to a warehouse and to the consumers. 

The primary logistics management objective is to supply the right amount of resources at the right time to the right destination. The aim of logistics management also deals with the concept of delivering the resources in appropriate condition. Appropriate logistical procedures and effective supply chain are essential in a business because they reduce the costs and maintenance as well as enhance productivity.

Similarly, ineffective and substandard logistics management results in untimely delivery of goods often with the bad condition of goods or failure in meeting the consumer’s requirement. This eventually leads to serious consequences as far as the growth of the business is concerned. The consumers always demand fresh and better goods inappropriate time which solely depends on how the supply chain in logistics management performs. After all, every successful business runs on the basis of customer satisfaction.

The contemporary logistics management follows the norms of TMS or the Transport Management System. The supply chain visibility is one aspect which gives the business reputation and growth.