T Bone Accident in Jefferson

T Bone Accident in Jefferson

November 18, 2021 Off By David Dom

T-bone accidents account for 24% of the deaths of passengers and drivers. It occurs when one driver fails to give way to the other driver who has the right of way. However, the Jefferson city mo car accident attorney can help you get the claim, but you should also be aware of the facts, so in this blog, you will learn about the T bone accident.

Causes of T bone accident

Dangerous turn at the intersection

T bone accident can occur when one car makes a left turn assuming the other vehicle will stop at the yellow light. 

Skipping red light

It can happen when one person skips the red light and the other person crashes into it. 

Other causes

  • Distracted driving while texting someone or looking at the google map is a common cause. 
  • Exertion or fatigue can also cause such accidents as you are not that attentive.
  • If you Munch something while driving, it can lead to tragic accidents.
  • Fiddling with the stereo or radio channels can be yet another reason.

How to avoid T accidents?

Obey all the traffic signals. When you approach a yellow light, you should slow down instead of speeding up to avoid any accident. If you see a red light, you can’t expect the other driver to slow down at the intersection. 

Common Injury Types During a T-Bone Accident

A side-impact collision can be very severe. Some of the common types of injury caused due to T bone accidents are-

Head injuries

A tragic collision can cause head injuries, fracture of the skull, concussion. It can happen even if your car has airbags.

Punctured eardrums

Your eardrums can get punctured due to the loud noise of the accident or airbags deployment.


It is the injury of your neck caused due to rapid movement of your neck during an accident that can cause damage to the tendon, muscles and ligaments of the neck. 

Spinal injuries

Like any other accident, a T bone accident can cause spinal injuries resulting in a fractured or herniated disc. These injuries have a lifelong impact on the lives of people.

Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding is one of the most severe issues that can prove fatal if not taken care of well in time.


It is better to follow the traffic rules and be alert instead of becoming a victim of such an accident.