Is Owning an ATM Profitable for Businesses?

Is Owning an ATM Profitable for Businesses?

June 5, 2021 Off By Paul Petersen

Automated Teller Machines or ATMs are almost everywhere. Is it profitable and cost-effective to own an Automated Teller Machine? From new strategies for new products to help increase sales leads, owners need to always be on the watch for ways to make a lot of money. 

Some venture owners look for these devices to help increase their passive incomes. Brick-and-mortar ventures like gas stations, nail salons, or restaurants may benefit from having this device. It can attract more clients and make tons of money for their businesses. But how successful and profitable is an Automated Teller Machine? 

How to make money with this kind of business?

When individuals use this machine, they usually pay a small fee, mostly between $1 and $5. These charges are how companies make most of their money through Automated Teller Machines. When venturing allows ATMs to be placed at their locations, they have the chance to earn commissions. 

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The best and most straightforward way to conceptualize earning commissions is when an individual uses the machine; there are surcharges. It is a fee that financial institutions or businesses charge for using the apparatus. But owners usually do not receive the whole amount. If the owner rents the ATM, the company that maintains it receives some of these charges. 

Third-party maintenance firms are the ones who fill the machine with cash, upgrade its system, and repair or maintain it. There are different variations of the charges split, but the venture earns its income based on surcharge transactions. 

While these companies can earn income through commissions, some venture owners look for ways to use these devices to earn money. One of the most common ways is to place advertisements on these devices. Firms place monitors or television screens on top of these devices and sell advertisements to run on these ATMs. It can help increase income for locations and operators.

Benefits of ATMs

If people are considering installing ATMs at their business locations, there are some benefits they can expect. If they are cash-only ventures, having this device on-site allows their clients or customers to withdraw money to pay the shop or store for services or goods. Not only that, but ventures also reap the benefits of additional commissions.

Other benefits of having this kind of business include:

More revenue – Income could increase since commissions venture owners earn on every transaction and from new consumers who are entering the establishment to use the device.

Minimize the processing fees for credit cards – Ventures with devices located inside shops or stores receive more payments compared to companies that do not. By putting an apparatus inside the store or shop, owners can drive down the processing fees of credit cards.

Convenience – Providing clients with easy-cash options inside the business establishment means owners are providing them with so much convenience.

Flexible plans – Companies usually help with marketing, and it allows them to lease or purchase their ATM, depending on what works best for their business. There are short-term contracts and cancel-anytime alternatives, and some firms help owners with marketing their machines. To find out more about business benefits, check out the ATM machine frequently asked questions for more details.

Purchasing an Automated Teller Machine

ATMs cost at least a thousand dollars to $10,000 depending on if venture owners purchase a new or used device. While purchasing a used one is a lot cheaper, it usually looks older and slower, and because of these reasons, a lot of individuals might have second thoughts about using it. When purchasing this apparatus, there are various kinds to consider, like freestanding or countertop models. 

The kind also affects prices. Another thing people need to consider when purchasing this apparatus is that they are responsible for maintaining it, including making sure it is working the right way and keeping it loaded with money. A person can purchase ATMs immediately and place them in locations they own. 

They can load cash from their ventures into the machine, bypassing third-party companies. It will significantly reduce the operating cost. A self-service or purchasing your very own ATM is quite profitable, and more or less 20 transactions every month can yield a considerable Return on Investment. It is an excellent secondary source of earning that could give $20,000 to $30,000 per year.