Worms Zone. Io- Voracious Snake

Worms Zone. Io- Voracious Snake

June 4, 2021 Off By Sheri Gill

Wriggle, wriggle all over the mobile screen playing that addictive snake game was a huge hit during the 1990’s. The retro snake madness crawled all the way up to 2021! You are going to get ecstatically hyper happy to know that the oscillation movements are back with bang with the Worms Zone .io- Voracious Snake. Oh, my Goodness! This game sure does bring in a bunch of nostalgic moments where we would just sit and feed the snake for the longest time we know or until you’re out! Lol.

You can play this game on bigger screens like TV using your Android TV BOX. Easily download and install from play store TV, Aptoide TV or Filelinked.

Worms Zone io – Voracious Snake is going to refresh all your gaming moments with some quirky features which is going to stick on your fingers like super glue. Ha-ha! Just kidding but trust me this one’s really cool. An arcade game that’s going to make you the “Screen Scene Conqueror”. You can choose from the three strategies given which are fighter, trickster and builder to lead your wriggling tail to victory.

Worms Zone io Android Game

Enter in and experience the fun in collecting yummies and distinct powerups. Slither up and defeat those enemies to become the king of wriggling worms in a gigantic arena. Explore the space, eat up and grow your fellow worm friends into the biggest size you can think of! Rules are totally that simple. A past favorite with a dash of newer options to become the present favorite. There is no limitations-based age as it’s suitable for all ages. Also, the usage of graphics is so straightforward. Minimal yet it’s so catchy.

You can change into different skin patterns from the wardrobe, or design your own pattern! The more you play the more skin styles you will unlock. The challenging part about this game is that you are competing with other players so you got to watch your tail or else you will lose your life and will have to restart. Honestly, I think that’s a pretty bad drawback here, had there been a change in the number of lives a player gets on each round then the number of clicks on that install button would probably hike up.

Worms Zone. Io has slid all the way up to a 4.3-star rating on Google play store and has high rating on AC Market too. Released on 2018 and recently updated on May 2021 by the game’s developer Casual Azur Games. Also, they have promised users to suggest in certain upgrades and ideas they would like add on to the game. Many players have left in positive feedback which is great. So, if you’re a snake to worm lover or simply find them wow go ahead and slither through the fun and tricky zones of Worms Zone .io-Voracious Snake!

You may need performance and storage to install and play this game smoothly. If not you can use apps like clean master to free your storage by removing junks and boosting performance by removing unwanted apps and tasks.