Factors That Affect Your Annuity Income

Factors That Affect Your Annuity Income

October 20, 2021 Off By Sheri Gill

An annuity income is a means of earning guaranteed income during your retirement. You can start immediately, and it will ensure a lifetime income. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before investing in an annuity income plan. Let’s find out what are the factors that affect your annuity income.

If you ask the right questions, you might be able to get the best deal possible for your annuity income. The calculation of your annuity is done based on the time you buy your annuity plan. The sooner you start, the better. There are specific immediate annuity plan schemes available just for you if you want to start your annuity plan now. Make sure you do your research, get in touch with a professional and buy an annuity plan as soon as possible.

Now, let’s find out what are the factors that can affect your annuity plan.

  1. Age

Age is one of the most critical factors that have a significant effect on your annuity plan. You have started it a little late; hence you will have to pay a higher annuity payment. Your first annuity payment and the annuity plan have to start as soon as you start earning, which will lead to smaller amounts for a longer time.

  • The guaranteed length of time of your annuity income

As per the number of years you chose to receive your annuity payments, you get a time-certain annuity plan based on that. The income depends on the term you have selected for you. So, if you have picked a life annuity, you can continue your payments after your death to your dependent, spouse, children, and even your estate. But if you want your dependent to receive higher payments after your death, you will be receiving lesser amounts while you are alive.

  • The plan you choose

The bigger the plan, the higher the amount you receive as your income. Your plan is a crucial factor that decides the amount you get once you are retired; hence choosing a plan that meets your requirement is one of the best things you can do while selecting an annuity plan.

  • Add in options

The add-in options you get decide the amount you receive. If the basic annuity covers only you, you will receive the highest income. If you start adding options to your existing plan, it will lower the amount you receive as your annuity, so choose a plan and the choices that you think will meet all your requirements. If you decide to add a joint and last survivor option, you will receive lower payments because the extra person will increase the cost to the insurance company.

  • Medical Conditions:

The annuity plan takes into consideration your medical conditions. If you are suffering from any life-threatening health issues, the annuity plan will be higher as the life expectancy becomes low.


These are some of the factors that affect your annuity income. You can get in touch with a professional to get detailed information in person. Make sure you do your research before choosing an annuity plan.