All About Amazon FBA Freight Forwarders

All About Amazon FBA Freight Forwarders

October 14, 2021 Off By David Dom

Ever Since 2021, you might have come across the term ‘Amazon FBA’ multiple times, and you might be wondering what it is. Recently, Amazon introduced a new vertical wherein it will deliver the seller’s products to the purchaser’s doorstep and manage after-sales service. 

As a business owner, one faces many hardships, amongst which is to deliver goods to limited Amazon warehouses across the USA. Just when you thought you had your market research, competitor analysis, product packaging, and marketing in place, you might have landed on the most challenging job. 

Clearit Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding amongst Amazon Freight Forwarders many others in the USA help you transport your goods from your factory to Amazon warehouses. They help in transporting, holding, warehousing, and even clearing customs all on their own. They require very little information- like the characteristics of your goods and the bills associated with export. 

International shipping is a complex scenario today. Making it easy and your life easier is what freight forwarders deal with. They provide hand holding until your products are safely warehoused with Amazon faculty. They secure assistance over:

  1. Shipping logistics
  2. Organizing storage
  3. Inland transport tracking
  4. Documentation preparation
  5. Warehousing
  6. Negotiating freight charges
  7. Insurance claims
  8. Customs clearance
  9. Storage holding and
  10. Product inspections

What would it be like without a Freight Forwarder?

There is a high chance of:

  1. Incomplete paperwork
  2. Insufficient storage
  3. Delays due to customs
  4. High prices with traditional brokers
  5. Product Damage
  6. Inconsistent periods of delivery

How much does a Freight Forwarding service cost?

Your freight forwarding services depend on your goods’:

  1. Weight: Higher weight will lead to higher.
  2. Volume: This part is measured in cubic meters. Assessing the space occupancy of your goods.
  3. Distance: The shorter the distance, the lower your invoice is billed.
  4. Type of good: Many goods like alcohol, chemicals, ‘dangerous,’ liquids, batteries cost a penny or two extra for the high care needed to transport.
  5. Nature of goods: Perishable goods are often priced higher since they need priority to be shipped and delivered to their destination within buffer time.

What documents will you need when assigning goods to a freight forwarder?

  1. Bill of Lading (BOL): Issued by Freight Forwarder and dealt within shipper and forwarder
  2. Commercial Invoice: Involves contents, quantity, and values.
  3. Box contents: List of commodities, number of bottles, packs, etc.
  4. Proof of Delivery: Will be sent across by the Freight forwarder once the goods have been delivered to their destination
  5. Special certificates: Needed while shipping children, maternity, medical goods that need USDA approval.