Digital Marketing: Design A Measurable Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing: Design A Measurable Marketing Strategy

February 18, 2023 Off By admin

A marketing strategy with digital marketing agency atlanta for example without return metrics is like holding a candle in the sun; it’s pointless. Determining your goals is essential when developing a legal marketing plan.

These metrics provide quantifiable data on the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies in achieving your law firm’s goals. Without well-defined metrics, your practice will have no idea which marketing campaigns are working well and which are a waste of resources. You need reliable digital marketing data if you want to fully comprehend the worth of your marketing efforts.

By creating a vision of your law firm’s goals, you can reverse the steps needed to achieve those end goals. This enables your legal practice to devote the necessary attention, funds, and resources to achieving these marketing objectives.

The goals defined in your marketing strategy will determine how you approach marketing campaigns, deploy strategies, and the channels used to reach your audience. For example, LinkedIn will likely be the most useful channel for identifying new partners for your business. In contrast, pay-per-click (PPC) ads on insurance company websites are more likely to attract personal injury claimants.

Quantifiable metrics fall into four broad groups: customers, products, positioning, and financials.

Customer metrics focus on setting goals to improve acquisition, value, and retention.

Product metrics focus on pricing, adoption, and development.

In terms of competitive positioning, your company may want to increase its market share or strengthen its reputation. Financial goals could include improving customer equity or a better return on investment for the tools you use.

Once you’ve defined your goals and established clear metrics, you can develop a structured marketing strategy. By matching legal marketing tactics to objectives, you can more easily design logical marketing campaigns to achieve specific results.

Emphasize Visual Elements

Make it easy for new clients to understand your motivations and specialization with clean branding that complements the legal services offered.

For example, AKS Avocat, a law firm specializing in labor and business law, our agency has developed visibility through optimization for localized referencing in atlanta seo for example. The firm’s site is now present on the 1st page of the results and attracts qualified quality traffic.

Some tips can also improve your visibility on the web and Google in the first place:

Feature more media on the homepage.

Consider creating a firm introductory video or explainer video to help decode complex legalese.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

More than 85% of customers consider mobile usability more important than web browser design.

Invite conversion with clear call-to-action buttons leading to pages that convert quickly with the presence of a contact form.

Showcase Your Credibility With Testimonials

Statistics show that 88% of consumers trust online testimonials as much as word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family. Since credibility is a dominant factor in choosing legal representation, it would be a good idea to include strong client testimonials on your website.

However, while testimonials can increase revenue by around 62%, it’s important to ensure you’re leveraging testimonials correctly. Client referrals can be a source of problems for law firms when claiming results. While adding a disclaimer may alleviate this problem, it also dilutes the effectiveness of the testimonial.