5 Things to know about Amazon Storefronts 

5 Things to know about Amazon Storefronts 

February 24, 2023 Off By admin

Amazon offers a great opportunity for businesses to create their brands using their platform. Being the No-1 online marketplace with over three billion active buyers, sellers prefer launching their new business using Amazon storefronts for earning brand recognition and witness sales. Whether your business is already a renowned brand or a startup seeking recognition among target audiences, creating an Amazon store is the best that you can do with the constant support of an ace seller consulting agency. 

To know more about Amazon storefronts, check out the following five pointers discussed—

  1. What is an Amazon store? 

To give you better clarity, an Amazon store is a full-fledged website of multiple pages where the brands showcase their products just like any business does on their websites. With proper page banners and product descriptions- Amazon stores are created. These websites are also 100% mobile-friendly. With the massive growth of mobile usage, the accessibility of Amazon stores increases by almost 70% of sales. 

  1. Hire an Account Manager for maintaining the Amazon store

If you have recently launched an Amazon store then only adding the product listing doesn’t let it go well. To make the products enticing to the targeted audiences, the storefront accounts require Amazon account management services. Your aim in achieving the revenue goals can be accomplished with strategic branding and marketing services with Amazon SEO, sponsored ads, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, and so on. Make sure the account manager to whom you outsource the management responsibility is highly experienced to deal with any complex situation and keep your Amazon store secure. 

  1. Branding is mandatory

Branding is an essential practice to create a strong customer base. More than focusing on improving sales and earning higher revenue, any farsighted business owner will focus on creating a strong brand name. If you also have a similar aim, then despite investing in the strategic product listing optimisation, put more focus on storytelling your brand with Amazon seller services such as A++, A+ content, Amazon enhanced brand content, infographics and so on. People are driven to the Amazon stores where the account managers do focus on providing more actual information about the products that the brands showcase.

  1. Strategic product placement 

It is highly advisable to emphasize product placements. Showcase the bestselling products or the primary products on the website banner and the first page. Users should be aware of it and can know the importance of the products by exploring the descriptions and checking out the videos. The account manager should also categorically place the listings according to their significance and availability. 

  1. Use more videos & images to lure customers

Amazon stores should have ample videos and images of the products to lure more mobile users. At present, more than web users, the rate of mobile shoppers has increased at a whopping amount. Take advantage of it and keep posting videos and images of the products in your listings to make them more enticing.

These are the five things you must know about Amazon storefronts