Unbelievable facts about cryptocurrency that you probably had no idea about

Unbelievable facts about cryptocurrency that you probably had no idea about

September 25, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

Cryptocurrency is such a wide topic that anyone wouldn’t be surprised if they came across some bit of information they didn’t know existed before. For starters, today there are several digital currencies to trade with besides the famous bitcoin. Others include ethereum, litecoin, and altcoin among many others. Besides that, there are several software and apps such as the bitcoin trader app that can be used to access various cryptocurrency accounts.

This happens to be some of the information you may be aware of already, but there is more to that which includes statistics about how the digital currency trade has been fairing since its inception. So much has happened since cryptocurrency was introduced, including heists and scams that made headlines. This proves that this trade has its lows and downs and that is why you cannot afford not to inform yourself with what is on and what happened previously. Such information is not to be dismissed because it can go a long way in helping you make important decisions that may turn out profitable or promising.

Facts you never knew about regarding cryptocurrency

The following are facts about cryptocurrency that you should be aware of;

  • A lost private key is a lost currency. For hardware storage of private keys, having a copy is advisable in case you lose your hard disc. Without a copy you stand to lose your money.
  • Pizza was the first bitcoin purchase. It was purchased at a staggering price of $10,000 which would reduce to a $30 later on.
  • The FBI has a $120 worth of bitcoin, which is accumulated from illegal activities.
  • The creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto still holds the record of the person owning more bitcoin than anyone else.