Things You Need To Know About Air Parcel

Things You Need To Know About Air Parcel

May 28, 2019 Off By admin

When sending an Air Parcel, there are some complicated processes and standard that you need to understand so that you can send your Air Parcel using International Air Transport. We have listed out few useful things that will help you get organized whenever you send a parcel or letter abroad.

1. Know the Country Rules

There are different Country Rules for the different Countries like you cannot send cigarettes to the United States of America. Therefore, know the country rules of the destination before sending your parcel. Also, know whether your country allows the export of the thing you are going to Air parcel.

2. Know how to Write Addresses

Your Air Parcel Transport service can help you with these, but it is good to know how to write the address of the destination country. When to use capitals and which language to use for writing the country name, etc. To best assist your parcel, make sure you adopt the preferred addressing format of the country.  If you are handwriting the address, ensure that your writing is clear, legible and accurate. Always include the phone number of the recipient ad zip code of the destination, this will help you avoid delaying the delivery of the parcel.

3.  Weights and Size of the Parcel

There are certain constraints regarding international air parcel, like how much size it should be or it should not exceed a particular size and weight. Know the details of the Air parcel [ พัสดุไปรษณีย์ทางอากาศ, which is the term in Thai ].  Exporting and accordingly prepare your parcels. Ask your air parcel service to know how much size of the parcel you can send or what maximum or minimum size it should be.  

4. Wrapping and Packing

Wrapping and packing are one of the essential factors that you need to consider when sending International air parcel, especially if you are sending any valuable items and products. Pack your item in a high-quality rigid box to protect your fragile or item to send the parcel safely to the destination.  

5.  Cash and other Valuables

Know the taxes before sending any valuable items and cash to other countries. Also, know the taxes of import and export of your country and destination country. You can research on the internet about the taxes and standards of sending parcel and letters overseas.

6. Customs

Find out whether you need to use custom form and formats. If you need, then you can ask your air parcel service or find out from the internet