Restarting Your Malaysia Business After the MCO

Restarting Your Malaysia Business After the MCO

July 2, 2020 Off By admin

The coronavirus has given everyone a new outlook on life. Now, we value our health more than ever, and this sole fact is set to change on how the world works. The same goes for Malaysia and the business sector. Even if there are only partial lockdowns now, businesses will need to understand that employee’s health is still the most important asset for an organization and act accordingly.

Thus, for starting your business during, or after the MCO, assuring the safety of your workers and customers should be your main concern. This, will in turn change the way you do your business.

Call Your Employees Only if You Have to

The Malaysian government earlier released guidelines for businesses to ensure the safety of their workers during the MCO. One of them is to let employees continue Working from Home and to conduct Virtual Meetings and telecommute when possible. This also means you will need to arrange your schedules in a way such that a minimal number of employees need to be in the office at a time. 

The Same Goes for Your Customers

It will be good to take products to your customers rather than have customers come to get the products. You should consider providing home delivery services. However, make sure your home delivery agents sanitize and follow safety procedures accordingly.

Take Help from the Government 


There are various Incentives in Malaysia Economic Recovery Plan. They include financial and other support to businesses, like Tax Benefits, Wage Subsidy Program, Flexible Work Arrangement Incentives, and such. All of the above programs will be extremely helpful to businesses in the country. Make sure you understand all of them so that you can avail from all of them. 

Are Your IT Infrastructures Up to Date?


The COVID-19 will result in Digitalisation of companies in Malaysia. You see, Work From Home is going to be more common from the coming days – this is not only because of the COVID-19, but also owing to the fact that many companies have been finding their employees to be more productive when they work at the place they are comfortable with. Hence, with virtual meetings, video conferences rather than business travels, and a lot of electronic file handling, your company will need a secure IT environment with the latest tech.