Types Of Tungsten Bits That You Should Know

Types Of Tungsten Bits That You Should Know

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Tungsten bits have several advantages over standard tools. Hardness, tip strength, and durability are all factors to consider. You can learn more about tungsten drill bits from this article. First, understand how they can improve your drilling experience. Then, if you’re considering buying a tungsten bit, learn about the benefits of this advanced material.

Different types of cutting edges characterize tungsten drill bits. Some are designed for smooth drilling in softer glass and ceramics. Others have Carbide Bits and Planks and are designed for precision drilling. They come with different rake face geometries and can be used for dry and wet drilling. Brad point drill bits have a W point, allowing the outer edge to cut through the material before the center breaks through. The inside edges of these bits are not sharp, making them ideal for drilling wood and some plastics. Brad point drills can be supplied with depth stops. You must have a powerful drill for this type of bit. It should be used with a drill for the best results.


Tungsten drill bits feature a hard tungsten carbide core with large sintered carbide cutting edges mounted in a serrated pattern on the bit crown. These bits are typically used in applications that require soft-cored overburden, such as sand, clay, and clay-rich soils. While effective for soft overburden coring, they are not recommended for bedrock drilling.

Tungsten carbide drill bits, also known as tungsten carbide drill bits, are made of equal amounts of tungsten and carbide in a metallic cobalt matrix. Tungsten is one of the hardest metals, with a hardness rating of 1600HV – much higher than steel. Due to their hardness, these bits can drill through almost any material, from rock to wood. This makes them useful in oil and gas drilling and mining.

What is Tungsten Electrode? Find out here!

Those who work with TIG welding like in Tungco for example need to pay attention to several aspects, especially when discussing the products and accessories being used. Choosing a tungsten electrode wrongly, for example, can cause numerous difficulties and challenges during the process.

In this article, we will talk a little more about this item and give you all the details you need. Keep below:

What Is A Tungsten Electrode?

It is a non-consumable product with different colors, types, and models, Hardfacing Start-Up Kit (wire included) according to each welding process’s chemical compositions and needs. When chosen correctly, the electrode can provide numerous benefits and advantages, such as ensuring better arc scalability, facilitating the opening, and minimizing the risk of contamination in the weld. Furthermore, if your purpose is to choose the proper electrode, it is essential to consider the surface to be welded. We will explain the reasons below: