5 Most Thoughtful Promotional Gifts For Customers And Staff

5 Most Thoughtful Promotional Gifts For Customers And Staff

June 3, 2019 Off By David Dom

Corporate gifts are mandatory thank you and appreciation mementos for customers, clients, and employees. Therefore, you should be careful while buying them. The best way to avoid glitches is planning ahead of time on what to buy within your budget. However, if you’re indecisive of what items will be most suitable, then you can rely on the quality of products like the Concept Plus produits promotionnels. This Canadian company and some others alike ship items all over the world. If interested, then read the list below that is a compilation of some of the most unique and thoughtful promotional corporate gifts you can buy this season.

  1. Promotional Apparels

Promotional apparels are the first best choices that are good for your business. You can order promotional t-shirts in different colors, sizes, and styles. They carry a printed logo of your company on the back or front, or both, whatever you prefer. Since purchased in bulk, companies like Concept Plus offer the best deals. You can also order custom-made caps and golf caps for your staff and customers. Other than this, branded t-shirts from Puma, Nike, and Adidas are much appreciated by colleagues and staff.

  1. Bags

Bags are unlike the predictable corporate gifts and something very unique and fresh. These are in fact the classiest choices if you’re partnering with educational institutes. However, they aren’t industry specific. They make unique gifts for all customers and employees. The absolute stunners include the following.

  • Tote bags
  • Laptop bags
  • Backpacks
  • Travel bags
  • Wine bags
  1. Office Accessories

Office accessories do not have to be necessarily expensive. And they are mostly preferred for employees and team members. The most budget-friendly ones that are useful and trendy at the same time include the following.

  • Paperweights and lanyards
  • Bluetooth speaker for an entire team
  • Journals and notebooks
  1. Mugs And Glassware

Mugs and glassware come in the most exclusive range of promotional gift items. The trendiest ones – by major Canadian suppliers – include the following.

  • Dolce 10-oz. Ceramic Mug with Spoon
  • Surf Bottle- push-pull lid
  • Guzzle 28-oz. Stainless Sports Bottle
  • PARSUMI two-tone stoneware mug
  • Pacific Aluminum Sports Bottle
  1. Rush Gifts


Rush gifts are the last-minute occasion-based gift items for people who forgot to place an order earlier. However, they should still be meaningful. The best ones by companies like Concept Plus include the following.

  • MEMPHIS pen/stylus/light/phone stand
  • The Cougar Pen with Blue Ink
  • The Cosmo Acu-Flow ™ Pen
  • The Trendz Pen
  • Pen cases of different kinds, made of different classy materials like wood