Why should you purchase thread gauges from Gaugestools?

Why should you purchase thread gauges from Gaugestools?

June 4, 2022 Off By Paul Petersen

Screws are one of the most important hardware tool in the market. It is used in almost every industry as well as for personal use. It is made by various companies and manufacturers in the market. As such the thread gauges is an important tool which is vital in the manufacturing of the screws as a thread gauge is used to check the dimensions of a specific thread form angle, pitch and diameter. There are different types of thread gauges such as thread plug gauges used for internal threads and ring gauges are used to check external threads. It contains two parts both of which are useful in checking the thread. 

It is an essential tool manufactured by the companies according to international standards which need to be met for specific dimensional limits and tolerances which are frequently checked and recorded. There are several equipments that are used along with thread gauges that are needed to check the dimensions like thread micrometer is fitted with a vee and a conical anvil then comes the thread gauge to check that the thread dimensions fall within an upper and lower dimensional limit. Normally, a GO / NO-GO type of threaded gage will inspect a threaded part based mainly on the pitch diameter. 

Understanding the advantages getting your thread gauge from Gaugestools

Chenchuan Tools – Gaugestools is a home for many different types of gauges and is a leading supplier as well as manufacturer of thread gauges. The thread ring gauges that are provided by them are of high quality made by experts as it does not need setting thread plug gauges but it can be directly used by the clients. All of the products offered by Gaugestools include GO NOGO along with taperlock, double ends with one handle. They are also very customer friendly because even if you are left handed all you need to do is specify it in the order and you will get the customized versions. 

In addition to that the company provides multiple payment options such as Credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, American express, Discover) through PayPal as it is a very secure mode of payment. 

Gaugestools have plethora of products in different categories such as metric thread gauges and there are diverse sizes and class fits from  ring gage 6g, lug gauge 6H to ISO1502, ASME B1.3M and  ASME B1.16M. these can be customized in  8,6,4,3,2,1.5,1,0.75,0.5. Another thread category UN, UNF, UNS, UNEF thread gages also has lot of variety such as 0.06″-6″ in stock, class of fit: ring gage 2A, plug gage 2B, other tolerance need custom production. Common TPI: 4,6,8,12,16,20,28,32, 

For special TPI, it needs custom production. Standard: ASME B1.2, ASME B1.3. The other categories to look for on Gaugestools are ACME thread gauges, BSPP(G),BSPT(R), NPT thread gauges, Trapezoidal thread gauges, and BSW/BSF whitworth thread gauges. The company use premium testing equipments and each of the product is strictly put through tests and checked thoroughly to confirm the high quality that the company is known for.