What Is the Best Way to Source Outdoor Products from China?

What Is the Best Way to Source Outdoor Products from China?

April 4, 2022 Off By Paul watson


Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to source outdoor products from China. E-commerce has made it possible for individuals to do business with any firm globally, which was never possible before the internet and e-commerce. 

As a result, anybody may find the most fantastic price and quality for any product on the market from any country around the globe due to China’s ability to provide goods at a low price and in large quantities that are not available anywhere else.

For the following reasons, China has appeared as the best probable sourcing location in terms of pricing. The labor costs in China are very cheap because of the country’s enormous population density.

  1. The technical workforce in China is very well-trained.
  2. Over the year, China has built a world-class infrastructure.
  3. They are capable of producing large quantities of goods.

At the national level, China has a “dumping” policy. A 30-40 percent undervaluation of the Chinese yuan implies that any product China sells is 30-40 percent less expensive than any possible American rival. It’s cheaper to sell to other countries since they can either sell it more affordable in their local China market or at a lower cost of manufacture.

This has led to an increase in the importance of buying from China in the current economy. While many specialists are available to advise on export management strategies all around the globe, procurement-related sourcing on a global scale is little understood and focused on. 

Sourcing is an expense technique to decrease expenses and build a smooth operation chain, even though buyers and sellers have different dynamics and must devote time, attention, and dedication to the process. China is widely considered one of the top worldwide sourcing locations for outdoor goods. Source outdoor products from China exceeds the highest international quality requirements.

It is essential to work with an experienced China sourcing business to handle your sourcing needs and guarantee that the outdoor items you purchase from China are high quality and on time.

How does the Sourcing Process Work throughout the World?

To reduce the hazards associated with large-scale operations, the following six essential procedures or actions must be followed throughout the procurement of any outdoor items from China.

Analyze Items that You Wish to Source!

As a starting point, have your team look at the reasons for outsourcing certain products and services. Decide on the number of items you need to import, whether raw materials, completed goods, or components, and the packaging they need.

In addition, look at China’s and your own country’s logistical needs and licenses, customs clearance permits, and rules. China’s local market assessment includes:

  • Compiling a list of the top suppliers of your desired goods
  • Examining the production process for necessity production and completion
  • Analyzing the appropriate customs, taxes, and trade rules
  • Conveying goods using various methods
  • Obtaining sufficient data about the provider
  • Comparing supplier’s manufacturing capacity, pricing, and quality
  • Visiting the manufacturer using a sourcing agency
  • Checking manufacturer’s registration and licenses

Develop a Purchasing Plan!

Determine if your procurement will become a one-time or a recurring endeavor by defining your objectives.

In addition, you must decide whether or not you will deal directly with your provider or whether you will enlist the help of a sourcing agency or a specific partner.

Evaluate Bids!

If there are no intermediaries, you may approach the supplier directly for a price. The bid must be calculated based on your product’s unit pricing and payment conditions.

When calculating your unit pricing, including all shipping and customs expenditures and any other legal fees, negotiations and the contract’s finalization are handled at this step.

Once you’ve chosen a vendor, list all the parameters you want to negotiate, such as buy quantities, discounts, shipping prices, and payment terms. As soon as you and your supplier have reached an agreement, express your quality specifications explicitly to them. If you’d like to see a sample, you may request one from the provider.

Assume you are looking to purchase Chinese outdoor furniture and are concerned about the product’s quality. Both parties must sign the final contract, which may be made once the sample has been authenticated. There have always been four primary aspects to consider regarding quality control.

  1. The arrival of the inspectors
  2. Goods examination before shipping
  3. Understanding the manufacturing process
  4. Supervision of container loading 

Consider the factory audit while purchasing any outdoor furniture from China. Buying furniture in China, in particular, is more involved than just picking something you like and going to the store to purchase it.

Before you purchase, you’ll need to think about several systems. As a result, a factory audit will be necessary. You will do the following tasks throughout the factory audit:

  1. Ascertain whether or not your supplier’s facilities are up and running and ready to produce your goods.
  2. Ensure that your supplier’s policies are in line with your own. 
  3. Make an effort to gauge the factory management’s level of expertise at your preferred vendor. 
  4. Recognize vulnerabilities and address operational, environmental, and ethical risks.

It’s critical to plan your purchases many months ahead of the busiest time of year. Furniture that is near at hand, and you won’t have to worry about this being late, is ideal.


This is a matter that has to be dealt with the factory’s timetable and promises to meet yours. When you have a team on the ground, you can be confident that your patio furniture will be of the most excellent quality, arrive on time, and be within your budget range.