What are the products which you cannot send Overseas via DHL?

What are the products which you cannot send Overseas via DHL?

June 24, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

If you are looking forward to send a parcel across the nation or internationally, then it is advisable to go for express service which specializes in fast and user-friendly shipping services. But, how can you choose this facility? Can you just send any parcel through an express delivery facility? Well, there is an extensive checklist which you need to fill out first. Make sure you keep yourself informed about the major considerations and conditions needed for express delivery.

Keep an eye on weight and dimensions

There is a lot which can fit through the doors of planes and delivery vehicles. This is the reason why a majority of express services only ship packages with a max length of 120 cm. When you send goods overseas DHL, then the shipping company makes special arrangements if your shipment is very large or heavy. Find out if your shipment weighs over 30kgs? If yes, then additional conditions will apply and you can get the details about it from the customer care representative.

Regulations for dangerous goods

Are you going to ship any dangerous material? Well, remember your package is very secure in the hands of DHL, a professional carrier of dangerous products. However, you need to consult the list of prohibited items to ensure that the shipment is completely compliant. Being the worldly market pioneer in transport and logistics, DHL followers these regulations mentioned below:

  1. IATA rules for air transit which apply to almost all nations which abide by ICAO rules and to all airlines which work under IATA regulations.
  2. ADR rules for road transportation which is applicable on all nations who follow the ADR convention in their law and for Europe, the EU rules are followed for the transportation of hazardous goods.
  3. Special rules are applied for shipment of lithium batteries used in smartphones, laptops and other gadgets.

Counterfeit products are illegal

DHL safety policy doesn’t allow the transportation or shipment of counterfeit parcels through its network. Customs are informed about it if they are slightly suspicious about the shipment of such items. As transportation and selling of counterfeit items are illegal in a lot of countries, custom authorities will seize the goods and put penalty.

Temperature or time sensitive products

Food and medicinal shipment have special requirements because of their expiry dates and temperature issues. Though when you send goods overseas dhl [ส่งของ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ dhl, which is the term in Thai], they are in safe hands, but still you need to inquire about the details. DHL Express takes care of temperature and time sensitive products efficiently and effectively. DHL is also known to transport samples to labs as well as research facilities.

If you are DHL client, then you are provided with limitless list of advantages- right from the pick-up time facility to amazing custom expertise. The company services quick and reliable delivery to 220 nations across the globe. What’s more amazing here is that it offers real-time tracking facility right at your fingertips, thus informing you where you goods are every time.