The Best Co-working spaces in Bangkok For Vloggers

The Best Co-working spaces in Bangkok For Vloggers

June 24, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

Thailand has been a hotspot for digital workers with an amazing scene in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Yes, both these places house digital nomad and support active startups. It is like every month; a new co-working space is launched in Bangkok. However, in order to make is simple for you, here is a list of some of the co-working space next to BTS [Co-working space ติด Bts, which is the term in Thai].

Having a constant routine is very important for better performance. Thus, you want to have a good and reliable co-working space to work as your operation base. It can be difficult to search for the exact work environment when you are not specific with a work location but the co-working spaces in Bangkok offer varied benefits to fit everyone’s requirement and needs.

The Company

It is the nearest co-working space to Bodega Bangkok Party Hostel. It is highly spacious and comes with a chill-out location and everything which an internet worker could ask for you in a co-working space. It has private offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms and amazing internet connectivity. The Company is your one-stop solution for incredible internet. It is a co-working space in Bangkok with a good ambience, great working environment and decent working space.


Launchpad is just a short distance away from Surasak BTS Shop. One can easily access it as a co-working space in Bangkok. It is more laid back in comparison to Hubba. If you are working on tight deadlines, then Launchpad will give you the perfect working environment to submerge yourself in your assignment. It is a perfect sport for networking and relaxation too. Take some time off from work and enjoy a good PS4 game on bean bag.

Glowfish New

Glowfish is the new branch in Sathorn in Bangkok and is one of the most ambitious co-working places here till date. Just walk past BTS Chong Nonsi and you will come to this ultra-modern space decked with new tech installations to give you every luxury while working. You have 26 office spaces, meeting rooms, conference area and virtual offices. It is a place where you can live your entrepreneur dreams and relax at the same time.

 Work Loft

The place is highly recommended for those who want to work late night. It is open 24 hours and is a space perfect for night owls. It is sited at Sala Daeng BTS stop not far from Bodega Bangkok. You will see locals and tourist nearby rescuing here to play games and use gym. It is a perfect for those looking for small offices and a good working environment.

Hubba Thailand

Hubba Thailand is the original co-working place of Bangkok. Today, you have 4 locations of Hubba in Thailand. Hubba offers you workshops, keynotes by foreign and local businessmen. it has a typical cookie cutter open working space atmosphere. You can use the greenhouse boardroom in the garden as an amazing and unique working area. Feel free to book it as you may not get vacancy more often here.