Settle Down the Tax Course and Options for you

Settle Down the Tax Course and Options for you

September 7, 2020 Off By David Dom

You can still file a tax return without any problems, both on paper and via Tax-on-web. Please note: at that time we speak of a late declaration. This means that you risk a fine, a tax increase or an official assessment. Not everyone is immediately fined. Anyone who makes a mistake for the first time will get away with it, but from the second time on you will pay an administrative fine of 50 to 1,250 euros. A tax increase of 10 to 200 percent can also be imposed.

Will undeclared earnings be penalized?

Anyone who has not declared an income runs the risk of a sanction. The tax authorities can tax unreported income extra. Depending on the importance and frequency of the infringement, a tax increase of 10 to 200 percent can be imposed. In addition, the administration can impose an administrative fine of 50 to 1,250 euros for an incomplete or incorrect declaration or if you do not declare anything. So can a small business get a tax refund? As you choose the calculator you need the best deals now.

Can the tax authorities change my tax return?

Not only you, but also the tax authorities can discover errors or omissions in your tax return. If the tax authorities want to change your tax return, they must in principle send you a ‘notice of change’. But in practice this does not always happen and the administration will rectify smaller matters without notifying you, such as a forgotten replacement income or a real estate. 

  • Such an adjustment does not necessarily have to be disadvantageous, because it can, for example, relate to forgotten service checks. The changed data will then be immediately processed in your assessment notice. In theory, you can request a complete nullity of your assessment in that case. But that makes little sense because the administration can issue a new assessment based on (part of) the same tax elements. Only if the tax return has been declared null and void because the assessment periods were not respected, the tax authorities cannot establish a new assessment.
  • If you do receive a notification of changes, you have one month to communicate your comments or approval to the tax authorities. The tax authorities can only change the assessment definitively afterwards. Taking into account the inspection times and deadlines for replies, the tax authorities must send you such a notice of change by the end of November 2020 at the latest.

Until when can my declaration be checked?

Payment or recovery of taxes does not necessarily end the recourse. The tax authorities can still check your tax return: the return you submitted in recent weeks can still be checked until 31 December 2017. 


What resources do the tax authorities have? The biggest surprise effect has a home check. But usually the tax authorities send a request for information. You must provide the requested information in writing and within one month. The flow of information through automatic or non-automatic data exchange is becoming an increasingly important source of information for the tax authorities.