Reasons to Buy a Business in Malaysia

Reasons to Buy a Business in Malaysia

May 24, 2020 Off By admin

Buying a business in Malaysia means opening your doors to a lot of opportunities. The World Bank placed the country 12th in the Ease of Doing Business Index in 2020. These are some reasons you should take your chance if you find a business for sales in Malaysia

Finding and Registering Company is Easy

Malaysia is a haven for entrepreneurs, and the business society has come a long way. This means there are various business advisors and brokers in the country that can help you find a business for sale. After you choose a company, transferring the paperwork is straightforward as well.

Strategic Location

Malaysia is the heart of ASEAN. When you buy a company in the country, you instantly get access to a market of 650 million people. Furthermore, some of the major trade hubs of Asia like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, China, etc. are easily reachable from the country in a matter of hours.

An Economically Advanced Nation

This is another reason you need to buy business Malaysia.

The country has been going through rapid economic progressions in the past five years. Although not already having an equivalent GDP for becoming a ‘developed’ country, it still is one of the most developed nations in Asia with almost all the resources and infrastructure you need to run a successful business. It is a politically stable nation, with many incentives put in place to support entrepreneurship.

Easy Foreign Investment

Foreigners can open and have the 100% ownership of a company in Malaysia. The minimum paid-up capital is only RM 500,000, which could be higher depending on the industry you are investing in. However, foreigners are mostly allowed only to run ‘unique’ and innovative businesses. According to the authorities, letting international investors do general types of business would mean depriving locals of their opportunities.

So, if you are a foreign investor and are interested in small business for sale, you can work with a business advisor to know if you are allowed to run the venture.

Skilled Workforce

Education is mandatory for every child between six and fifteen years old, and public schools are free in Malaysia. The country has a literacy rate of around 95%.

Malaysia has seen innovations in various industries, like technology, economy, health, commercial banking, etc. Thus, the locals have empowered and skilled themselves in various sectors. It won’t be difficult for you to find excellent employees.