Importance of Getting ISO 9001 Certification for Your Manufacturing Unit

Importance of Getting ISO 9001 Certification for Your Manufacturing Unit

October 15, 2019 Off By David Dom

If you have a manufacturing unit, one of the most important things to provide your brand a competitive edge is ISO certification. The certifications help to lever growth, profitability and cutting wastes. One such certification is ISO 9001 that enforces the use quality management systems (QMS).

ISO 9001 is used to show the ability to consistently create quality products or services in line with regulatory requirements and clients’ needs. Having ISO 9001 certification implies that an effective management system (QMS) has been installed to monitor the production process. In this post, we will look at other benefits of getting your plant ISO 9001 certified.

Boosting Workers’ Performance and Industrial Productivity

By installing an effective QMS, this ISO certification ensures that you have engaged and motivated staff implementing your organization’s policies. Indeed, this opens your system to success in multiple ways because motivated staff goes out of the way to get the best for your manufacturing unit. In the event of a problem, they will identify and get it fixed early enough before it becomes a major issue. What a great way to reduce downtime and optimizing production.

Cutting Waste and Improving Efficiency

One of the requirements of ISO 9001 is having a structured method of keeping the waste low and enhancing the system’s efficiency. If there are problems with your manufacturing unit, QMS targets preventive measures so that similar situations do not recur in the future. The certification enforces the application of continuous improvement to ensure that your system, staff, and design are always working towards enhancing your organization’s efficiency.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction Improvement

While there is no doubt that optimizing profit is at the back of every investor’s mind, this certification enforces the focus on customers. By extending the focus on your profits to customer satisfaction, you are assured of better brand image and more sales. ISO 9001 requires you to focus on customer needs with high-quality products. Besides, the focus also helps to cut waste.

Take the example of a manufacturer dealing with metal products. By understanding what customers want in this niche, it becomes easy to source quality metallic products (as your raw materials) from the right firm for timely supplies.

The Final Take

When your manufacturing unit gets ISO 9001 certified, it becomes easy to look at every part of the plant and align it with two things: enhancing efficiency and focus on clients. Do not miss the chance catapult your enterprise ahead of competitors: make sure you are ISO certified.