How Can Different Cybersecurity Techniques Reduce The Frequency And Severity Of Cyber Attacks

How Can Different Cybersecurity Techniques Reduce The Frequency And Severity Of Cyber Attacks

May 22, 2019 Off By admin

Phishing is the most underrated yet one of the most devastating ways that hackers use to attack users and companies. Once the victim clicks on a malicious link, it leads to an almost immediate cyber security breach, and even before the victim knows it, hackers are able to spy and steal all the important information like biometric details, credit and debit details, passwords to other accounts, and even the online transaction history. Whilst individual system hacking limits the loss to an individual, hacking software can compromise the security of hundreds and thousands of people using that software. This is where cyber security techniques come to play. Whilst it’s practically impossible to design a bug-free software, there are some stunning ways to reduce the chances that hackers can misuse bugs to hijack a company.

Best Techniques To Minimize The Risk Of Phishing

Phishing and spear phishing are considered more serious because it is difficult to distinguish them from genuine emails and websites. The ways in which you can educate your employees to deal with such threats are given below.

  1. Make it habitual to check the original source of the email that you doubt could be malicious. The first best way is to not click on such links at all. And in case you believe that it could be from a genuine source, look at the last part of the URL – it is the last part the determines the landing page you’d be redirected to. So, check the entire URL. Also, you can use scanning websites like ‘’ in order to check a link without having to open on first.
  2. Check the ‘From’ section before anything else. No genuine sender will mask the information. But, if the email you’re doubting has a masked email id, then its 99% sure that the email contains phishing links. Also, be specifically aware of the emails that are sent without a subject line or a body.

These two identification and awareness tips can actually save millions of dollars as well as the user information since, statistically speaking, it is mostly employees that accidentally start the chain of phishing scams.

Yet another basic way to reduce the threat of a security breach includes,

  • Never leaving the software buggy. Keep updating it and run scans to find out bugs and ways to eliminate them from the cloud storage and devices