Bitpapa The Online Bitcoin Platform: The First Cryptocurrency

Bitpapa The Online Bitcoin Platform: The First Cryptocurrency

June 21, 2022 Off By Clare Louise

Since its launch in 2009, bitcoin has been the center of financial media, covering its highs and lows in value find here. Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency among 5000 others and is widely used to send money over internet.

What is Bitcoin?

After the financial crises of 2008, Bitcoin was first discussed in 2008 in an academic white paper titled ‘Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System’. It is a form of decentralized and Digital currency that facilitates buying, selling and exchange directly without an intermediary body like banks. Platforms such as can let you have the option to trade the best and let you have much money.

Can it be converted to Cash?

Just like any asset bitcoins can be converted easily into cash.

  • First method for conversion is through an exchange or broker, similar to currency exchange at airports. First deposit your cryptocurrency into an exchange like Unocoin, coinDCX, WazirX, etc. and request a withdrawal in the currency of your choice. It will be paid into your bank account.
  • Another method is thorough peer-to-peer network. It is quicker, anonymous withdrawal. Sigh up on a peer-to-peer exchange platform like LocalBitcoins. Choose the location of your ideal buyer and then use marketplace to find buyers to facilitate the exchange.

It is advised to use platforms that don’t allow release of bitcoins to buyers until you verify that payment has been received.

Cryptocurrency Hassle in India

At present there is no regulation or ban on cryptocurrencies in India, indicating that there is no regulatory framework to safe guards the owners of cryptocurrencies. Although, it exists in a legal grey area but India has the largest number of bitcoin holders. As per some estimates, over 10 crore Indians own cryptocurrencies. Moreover, many enthusiasts expect cryptocurrencies to replace fiat-currencies in near future but cryptocurrencies are not a legal tender in India. However, it is worth noting that you are liable to pay taxes on profits earned on cashing out your crypto assets.

India is the developing and growing towards becoming the better. So, investing in this platform would let the person grow much high. India has got the highest population and the number of people living and investing in the cryptocurrency is also on high pace. So, investing here can be a great option and would let you have the option of high money.  So, if you want to invest your money in the safe place, it can let you have the good money with secure and safe environment. Here you can benefit and other profits without much issues.


Bitcoin as an alternative payment method and investment vehicle is gaining grounds in India. It has potential to bridge the gap between alternative and traditional investment despite being high-risked and volatile as it increases returns. There is no denying that investment in bitcoins in efficient but its speculative nature, susceptibility to crime and fraud needs to be overcome to fully utilize its potential.