The best cryptocurrencies on the market

March 25, 2021 Off By David Dom

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Nowadays, Bitcoin is a top performer, even more, there are about 7.000 different cryptocurrencies. It is a difficult choice among digital currencies to invest in it. Here are the most popular cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin is the earliest virtual currency on the crypto market. It appeared in the 2009 year. The prices were floated between the colossal amounts: the maximum at the value of 20.000 dollars in the 2017 year and the minimum at the value of 3200 dollars in the 2018 year. However, Bitcoin has been rehabilitated at the beginning of the year 2021 where the price has increased to 40.000 dollars. Another statistical estimate at BitMix

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash has founded on blockchains that are kept 8 MB of data. It is permitted to transact more banking operations. Bitcoin Cash has the unbelievable contemplations for increasing on the market and to be relevant concerning Bitcoin. 


Charlie Lee was a founder of Litecoin in the 2011 year who wanted to create the eased version of Bitcoin. The banking operations of litecoin are required approximately 3 minutes in the comparison with bitcoin. Litecoin can go mining through PC because the hardware requirements are ordinary in contrast to purpose built hardware of Bitcoin.


Ethereum is based on blockchain that is determined the exchanging of cryptocurrency so-called “ether”. The type of cryptocurrency is a programming platform that has the main purpose of decentralizing the Internet. It means creating the only computer for the whole world. One more attractive side is not getting the profit from the particular cryptocurrency but also from the high use of Ethereum itself.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin was allocated on Ethereum however, the exchange Binance or DEX had launched in the 2017 year. It is a platform that is structured for purchasing and selling coins and using BNB to convert digital currencies from one to another.